Friday, May 28, 2010

Liberal Youth: an organisation in the market for a new Returning Officer

As regular readers will be aware, my term as Liberal Youth's Returning Officer has been a challenging one. With a host of resignations leading to co-options and by-elections, the role has been rather more time-consuming than I had envisaged originally.

After the last round of annual elections, and the criticism I took from a number of sub-optimally informed individuals, there were those who questioned my judgement in staying on. My response was that Liberal Youth needed some stability, and that having a battle-hardened Returning Officer might help achieve it.

However, I have now changed my mind. Firstly, with a new Executive Commmittee due to take up their positions on 1 July, this is an opportunity for them to decide upon the type of Returning Officer that Liberal Youth needs but, secondly and more personally, I'm not enjoying it - it has become a bit of a chore - and that can't be a good thing.

So, with effect from 1 July, I will be another ex-Returning Officer of Liberal Youth (I understand that there are quite a few out there). May the Gods give strength to my successor, as I retire to Suffolk to spend more time with my new office...

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Elaine Bagshaw, Chair said...

A shame, but completely understandable considering everything that's happened in the organisation and the pressure I know you were under.

Thanks for everything you did in the role.