Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Liberal Youth: the first ruling - external media

In an attempt to make life more interesting, there has been a bid to break into the media by a candidate. As a result, a member of the Editorial Board of Liberal Democrat Voice has sought my view on publication of pieces by candidates.

This is my response...

The advantage of Liberal Democrat Voice not being an official party organ is that I can't insist upon its neutrality. Therefore, I won't say that you can't publish it, leaving it to you to judge whether or not publication would be consistent with your editorial policy in respect of internal party elections.

I am advised that the piece will be published shortly, and that all candidates will be free to submit articles for publication, subject to Liberal Democrat Voice's editorial policy.

Perhaps I should place this decision in context. I believe in offering candidates the fullest opportunity to campaign, as by doing so, they can give the election, and Liberal Youth, a higher profile beyond simply its own membership. This will, hopefully, increase member participation and enhance the credibility of Liberal Youth within the wider Liberal Democrat family as a positive force for new ideas and new ways of thinking. And that can only be a good thing...

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Caron said...

I salute a returning officer with an open-minded, fair and liberal approach:-)