Monday, May 24, 2010

Liberal Youth: no organisation is complete without committees

Ah yes, committees (puts on that voice that Homer Simpson uses when he's thinking about beer), the things that either make things happen, or stop them, depending on your taste and level of cynicism.

My role as Returning Officer is to organise the election of four members of each of three committees, Conference, International and Policy. As it stands at the moment, with one outstanding query, the successfully nominated candidates are;

Conference Committee
  • Alan Belmore
  • Ramon Chiratheep
  • Sarah Harding

International Committee
  • Harriet Ainscough
  • Charlotte Harris
  • Callum Leslie
  • Jack Stephens

Policy Committee
  • Duncan Crowe
  • Sarah Harding
  • Richard Morgan-Ash
  • James Nelson
  • Stephen Rule

I don't think that I've missed anyone else...

1 comment:

C Leslie said...

What happens to the committees with four or less candidates, do they have to run against RON or do they win by default?