Monday, May 31, 2010

Liberal Youth: building a better democracy one ruling at a time

I'm feeling rather better today, for reasons which will become clear later. The primary beneficiaries have been the various Liberal Youth candidates and, hopefully, the membership at large. So, here's a summary of recent events;
  • I have issued an e-mail to all candidates advising them of the key election rules, as defined by Article 9.15 of the Liberal Youth constitution.
  • I have issued stern warnings to three candidates for breaching them, as well as reminding all candidates of the implications of doing so.
  • I have proposed that links to the various websites and social media used for candidate campaigning be advertised on the Liberal Youth website - they'll also appear here as they reach me.
  • I intend to allow each candidate one e-mail to those members for whom an e-mail address is held.
You see, there are rules to be upheld. Nonetheless, this is a democracy, and members should be encouraged to vote, to question candidates and generally engage in the campaign. Besides, this is meant to be fun too, n'est-ce pas?

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Thomas said...

Hi Mark,

I don't appear to have received your email.