Monday, May 24, 2010

Liberal Youth: what do you mean, we have some winners?

Article 9.4 of the Liberal Youth Federal Constitution states;

"Elections for positions under 6.1 a) - e) above shall include RON as a candidate.  If RON is elected, the Returning Officer shall call a by-election by all member ballot within 28 days of the previous election."

I therefore believe that, in the absence of RON (these are positions under 7.5 d) and 7.7 d)), those nominated for the Conference and International Committees are deemed to be elected. I congratulate the successful candidates;

Conference Committee
  • Alan Belmore
  • Ramon Chiratheep
  • Sarah Harding

International Committee
  • Harriet Ainscough
  • Callum Leslie
  • Jack Stephens

That's two less elections to count...


Rammi said...


Left Lib said...

Is that the end? I thought the general election campaign was exhausting enough, until I read your blog!

Robson said...

Joy of joys, two co-options to hold before July 1st ;)

Martin Shapland said...

Congrats to all elected!

David said...

Who's this Ron ?

Mark Valladares said...


RON = reopen nominations