Thursday, May 20, 2010

Liberal Youth: just when you thought that it was safe to go back in the water...

What do you mean, it's time for the annual Liberal Youth elections? Didn't I just do that? Oh no, I forget, that was just a by-election for virtually the entire Executive Committee, not the same thing at all...

Hmmm... and nominations closed last night. I'll announce the provisional list of candidates later but, before I do, this is what I hope to see;

A more thoughtful contest

I was astonished at the level of casual unpleasantness last time, between candidates, their supporters and even supposedly innocent bystanders. Occasionally, some of that came my way. I certainly had to spend more time than was ideal trying to pour oil on troubled waters. So, before sending that combative e-mail, or kneejerk text, ask yourself this question, "How would I feel if someone sent this to me?". Better still, sleep on it.

You see, there is a likelihood that you will have to deal with that person, or their friends. In any event, they can make your job, and therefore the work of the organisation, that bit harder.

A touch of respect for the volunteer Returning Officer

I have a life. I also have a marriage, which I value over Liberal Youth. Ringing me at 11.53 p.m. to check that your manifesto has arrived does not impress me, and tends to disturb those around me. Remember, those of us with jobs and a life generally tend to be asleep by then. I'm also prone to grouchiness if my sleep is disturbed.

I have a job too. Ringing me when I'm trying to do it is unhelpful. Do I ring you in the middle of your exams?

For the time being, that's all that I want to say. I'm sure that there's more but, until later... 


hypnoticmonkey said...

Can I also add respect for the Returning Officer's decision?

As someone who was the subject of an entire rebuttal blog post on this website due to a disagreement that you and I had during the by-elections, I'm not averse, indeed would encourage, questioning and debating the perceived opinion of the RO.

That said, the constitution is quite clear that the RO has the right of constitutional interpretation with regards to elections and, save for convening a full appeals panel, the RO's decision is final.

To everyone involved: By all means debate things you believe to be wrong with Mark, but accept that he's a very reasonable human being who listens and considers the other side. If he still disagrees with you after you've raised an issue, leave it there, as I did. He gives up his time for free and has the constitutional authority to make these decisions, aggrieved members do not.

rbsnb said...

I'm shocked that people who have your number would misuse it like that!!

I pledge to put an end to this development if co-elected with my colleage

bolivianewtonjohn said...

Hi Mark, apologies to run directly in contravention to the very post I'm commenting on, but when do manifestos for publication in the brochure have to be with you by? Someone just told me it was last night, but I must have missed the memo. Am I too late!?

Jack Stephens

Erlend said...

I have spoken with the 1153 culprit! I pointed out that old people need their sleep. That was within about half an hour of the call!

hypnoticmonkey said...

Robson - surely to be able to have any authority over telephone calls you should be running for VC 'Communications'? ;-)