Thursday, December 17, 2015

Venezuela Day 6: At least they haven't eaten the elephant...

The sun was shining (again) but my mind was set on some culture, so my first item of business was a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, reported to have a pretty good collection of modern art from across Latin America. I have to admit that I have a rather uncultivated view of such things, in that I know what I like, without necessarily being able to explain why. At least, unlike modern dance, it doesn't put me to sleep...

The Museum itself is in a rather attractive building, and although it has seen better days, the curators have made an effort to keep it up. And the art is... interesting, if not of an order that demands your attention. But, again, it is free, something that implies that, whilst President Maduro and his colleagues shouldn't be allowed to control an economy, they aren't your classic authoritarian regime.

It made for a pleasant meander, nonetheless, but my plans for the afternoon were less high culture and more populist.

Caracas Zoo is in one of the more outlying suburbs at the end of Metro Linea 2, and whilst the reviews weren't altogether positive, I do enjoy seeing animals, having visited a great many zoos over the years. And, so, after another comfortable metro ride, I found myself in Caricuao, where, a short walk away, I found the zoo entrance. Admittedly, it was a bit quiet, but admission was again free, so I wandered in.

Parts of the zoo have been colonised by wild capuchin monkeys, who seem to go where they please, and whilst the animal collection is not extensive, the facility does seem to provide an opportunity for young Venezuelan couples to spend some relatively private time together. Facilities are a bit sparse too, with limited food and drink options, although the zoo itself, and the animals in it, do seem to be well cared for.

The elephant was a bit of a surprise, and whilst it was the wrong type of elephant (African, as opposed to Asian), it seemed healthy and contented enough, as did most of the rest of the animals, even if some of the enclosures were too small.

So, all in all, a nice day out, leaving me with just one more day to survive...

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