Sunday, June 01, 2014

A day out to the seaside

It's been a mite hectic over the past couple of days so, as the sun was shining, Ros suggested that we might go out, with Harwich being the destination of choice.

In a straight line, it isn't that far, but because of the estuaries of the Orwell (I still think of it as the Lower Gipping) and the Stour, you have to go as far south and west as Manningtree before you can final turn east. And, as it was such a nice day, instead of taking the fast road, we meandered down the A137, through Brantham, before heading out of Manningtree on the B road that meanders on, or near, the shoreline.

The Pier at Harwich, a really rather nice hotel
All was well until we got to Bradfield, where we were flagged down to be told that there had been an accident ahead, and that it might be better to take the alternative route through Wix and the A120. It wasn't much of a hassle, and we were in Harwich soon enough. It was agreed that we would have lunch at the pier, which I misunderstood to mean at The Pier, the rather nice hotel on the waterfront there.

Luckily, they had a table free, and the specials were tempting. Ros had the crab, whilst I plumped for the pork Holstein, before Ros had some rather good walnut ice cream and I went for the cheeseboard. I rather like that sort of misunderstanding...

After lunch, we went for a walk along the seafront, past the radar tower and round towards Dovercourt. Despite the persistent breeze off of the North Sea, it was all very nice.

Harwich is an interesting place, with the feeling of a town that has been set in aspic. There are very few shops to serve the community, the port is actually more than two miles away, and on a winter's day, it can be a bit bleak, especially given that it is surrounded on three sides by water. But, on a sunny day, it makes for a very pleasant day out.

Sadly, there were still things undone at home, and we had to be off. Doubtless we'll be back soon though...

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