Saturday, December 10, 2011

The beginning of the end... and on such a lovely day too!

Welcome to the 8.34 train from Stowmarket to Cambridge, as I head for the last Regional Executive meeting of the year, and indeed of my tenure as Regional Secretary.

Today, we're discussing the Police Commissioner elections, amongst other things. The initial shambles on this issue, further exacerbated by a failure of leadership on the part of the English Party, has now been replaced by a position which was exactly where I always thought we should have been, i.e. running a candidate, or not, should be a decision for local members. In Suffolk, I have been tasked with drafting a document to go to members across the county, laying out the position regarding the costs and other issues, and trying to gauge interest in being, and running, a candidate. I honestly have no idea what the outcome will be, but it seems right that we consult our members.

There is the usual plethora of reports, some of which are more interesting than others, although we appear not to have a report from our representative on the English Council Executive. One might assume from this that said body is an utter irrelevance, of no value or purpose - and I believe the latter to be true - but given that the ECE was where the Police Commissioner debate reached its nadir, it would have been nice to hear more about how they made such an utter mess of it.

Ho hum...

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