Monday, February 02, 2009

Twenty five random things about me

I've been tagged on this meme by Duncan Borrowman, and so, here are a few things that you might be interested in or surprised by;

  1. The first letter of the alphabet which doesn't start a country I've visited is K.

  2. I've worked for the same (dis)organisation for more than twenty-two years.

  3. I'm double-jointed in both hands.

  4. A giraffe once licked me.

  5. It took Ros to persuade me to get, and carry, a mobile phone.

  6. I am an honorary Kentucky Colonel. There is no free chicken involved.

  7. I once assassinated my freezer by trying to defrost it with a screwdriver.

  8. As a child, I fingerpainted the garage doors, only to find out that we had no white spirit in the house...

  9. I have a worrying knowledge of London bus routes.

  10. Touch wood, I am yet to break a bone of any kind.

  11. I was there the day that the Cincinnati Reds beat the Colorado Rockies 24-12 in a National League baseball game.

  12. I've visited the most dangerous post office in the world.

  13. In 2006, I held the hand of an orangutan in Seoul, South Korea.

  14. The largest pyramid in the Southern Hemisphere is in Invercargill, New Zealand. I saw the family of tuataras there, amongst other things.

  15. I have nine 'O' levels, one of which is in Graphical Communication.

  16. You'll believe that a man can fly... like a brick. I can bungy but I can't indoor skydive.

  17. It is my personal view that, if you marinate fruit bat in red wine for long enough, it tastes like kidney. I didn't say whose...

  18. The European Liberal Group once put me on a policy working group to devise a cultural policy for Europe. It wasn't a success...

  19. I'm the oldest member of my generation on my father's side of my family. It's a pity that we tend towards matriarchs.

  20. I attended four different infant schools yet remain well-adjusted. At least, that's what my invisible friend tells me.

  21. My horoscope sign is Scorpio and I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dragon. So much for astrology then...

  22. My perfect day would be to zorb in the morning and spend the afternoon in a spa being pampered.

  23. I would like to go to Madagascar to see lemurs in their natural habitat.

  24. In 2007, I chaired the Foreign and Military Policy Commission of Americans for Democratic Action, the first non-Amercian to do so.

  25. I once anonymously paid for the dinner of a young Bolivian couple when I saw him go down on one knee and pull out an engagement ring. It would be nice to think that they're still together...
I think that I won't tag anyone else. Is there anyone out there who hasn't been tagged anyway?


Jennie Rigg said...

I've been licked by a giraffe too! And am double-jointed in more than just my hands (there's a reason I'm popular, and it's not my winning personality ;))

Where is the most dangerous post office in the world? And why is matriarchy a shame?

Mark Valladares said...

The most dangerous post office in the world is on the island of Tanna, and is called Volcano Post. Yes, the volcano is live. When it's open, they'll apparently singe postcards for you for that authentic Mount Yasur experience.

As for matriarchy, no problems at my end, except that, as a man, I don't qualify. My generation didn't produce many girls (12 boys and 3 girls). The next generation, on the other hand...

Jennie Rigg said...

That post office sounds AWESOME!