Thursday, July 17, 2008

Over land and under sea - the campaign goes international!

Having watched Ros hand an award to Eurostar on Tuesday night, Wednesday saw us heading for St Pancras to catch a train to Brussels for an evening garden party at the home of Lawrence Meredith, vice-chair of Brussels and Europe Liberal Democrats.

The Eurostar experience is pretty fantastic, and the journey to the Channel Tunnel passes by in a flash - so much better than the old trundle through Kent. We were picked up at Gare du Midi by Rebecca Taylor, their Chair, who, depsite feeling fairly ghastly (get well soon, Rebecca), made us very welcome.

We then headed over to the event, and immediately ran into John McCormick, who I was shadow assessor to and then Returning Officer for in Wokingham. My past life as a European Returning Officer made for a series of familiar faces, as the Local Party tends to produce a disproportionate number of European Parliamentary candidates, and it was good to see the likes of John Vincent and Peter Welch, both of whom had made special arrangements to be at the event.

Graham Watson came directly from a memorial service to introduce Ros, and made some light-hearted remarks about the Presidential contest before handing over to Ros.

Ros spoke for a few minutes before mingling with those present to talk about a range of issues before we returned to Graham's place in Ixelles for a glass of wine and a chat before bedtime...

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