Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bureaucrat in love: now the story can be told...

Regular readers will have noted that Radio Bureaucrat has been an infrequent broadcaster of late, and the occasional cryptic reference will not have done anything to help explain it. So it is about time that I explained.

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoicePut simply, I fell in love. I fell absolutely, completely and utterly head over heels in love when I least expected it, with someone I could not have possibly envisaged beforehand. Our relationship was kindled gradually, if falteringly, partly due to my rather gauche inability to read signs that aren't actually tattooed on my forehead, before blossoming into an all-encompassing passion that quite swept me off of my feet.

"Who is this magical soul?", I hear you ask. So without further ado, let me introduce my new fiancee, Ros Scott. A lightning romance has been followed by an equally lightning proposal (it would have been sooner but for my usual hesitancy in such matters), and plans are reaching the drawing board for a wedding some time next year (yes, I know, you normally think about all of those things first but I was only focused on forever...).

Ros has managed to free the bureaucrat from the box, and I love her for it. She is warm, tender, thoughtful and so many other things that words cannot properly convey, and has made me feel alive for the first time for a very long time indeed.

The side effect was that I became functionally useless for a few weeks, and for those of you who have been expecting me to do something (and you know who you are), I apologise but hope that you'll understand (you will, I know). On the plus side, I've now become incredibly focused in an incredibly vital way, having had my proposal accepted, and things are beginning to happen in an amazingly ordered and disciplined way.

So, for my friends, family and colleagues, welcome to the future. I'm in love, and I want the world to know it. Many of you have been part of the process that has allowed me to find happiness, and I am grateful to you all for your friendship, your support and your tolerance through a difficult phase in my life.

And now I ought to return to the blissful existence that is being in love...


Duncan Borrowman said...

At long last. Those of us who have been quietly aware of the courtship ritual can at last say CONGRATULATIONS!

Toby Philpott said...

Mark, this is absolutely fantastic news. I'm thrilled for you.

Congratulations to you both!

Anonymous said...

Many, many congratulations!

I was quietly cursing another unproductive evening at home until I read your post - and now have a huge smile on my face.

You both deserve every happiness together :o))

Anonymous said...

Many CONGRATULATIONS to you both. We're both so happy for you - wonderful news.
Helen & Andy
ps look forward to seeing the bling (you know me ;-))

Peter Mc said...

Well done that man, best wishes and all happiness together.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, you sound amazingly happy.

Good luck to both of you


MatGB said...

Blimey. Well done both. Must be something in the air.

Tristan said...


I'm so happy for you :)

Tony Ferguson said...

Congratulations - looking forward to the whirlwind world tour that is sure to pass for a honeymoon!

Rob Fenwick said...

Congratulations - I wish you and Ros much happiness!

Anonymous said...

Think Duncan has said it all. I'm delighted for you.

Anonymous said...

Do you need a recount on this one?


Liberal Polemic said...

Congratulations, Mark.

I did notice you'd aquired a more romantic air recently!

Andy said...

Yay! Congratulations, you :)

Anonymous said...



I’m guessing you don’t get to become a Baron though. I could see you sitting in a baronial hall eating spit roast pig and oppressing peasants. Still I suppose working for Revenue and Customs probably involves that already!

Seriously though, it’s great news. Congratulations from me and Kay.


Anonymous said...

That explain a lot you useless £$%£"%%.
Conference should be a hoot.

ReadItAndWeep said...

Uncle Mark!! Congrats a load, I'm mega happy for you =D
When do i get to meet Aunty Ros?!?
Can I come to the wedding?!?


Anonymous said...

Mark, Ros told me your great news last week, I'm glad you've 'broken cover',and am really happy for you both.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mark!You deserve to be happy.Cheers and all the very best.


loadofoldstodge said...

Conmgratulations from me as well, Mark. I know what it's like to find the "right" person later in life so enjoy every nanosecond.


Kim said...

Hey Mark

Congratulations to you and Ross. Am really happy for you?

Do I get to be BEST GIRL at this wedding (well 2nd best girl anywayss)???