Friday, November 24, 2006

Ten things that I would never do...

I've been tagged... but not electronically, I'm glad to say. So, in response to Duncan, who links back to Iain Dale, who started this... I would never (in no particular order)...

10. Run to be a member of the United Kingdom Parliament (Europe, on the other hand...).
9. Support the death penalty.
8. Hunt, except to eat.
7. Bear firearms, except in the defence of my country.
6. Buy a dog (my five cats couldn't bear it).
5. Have children, I love them but couldn't eat a whole one...
4. Encourage the suppression of criticism - even the East Germans were notionally against that!
3. Withhold information that someone really needs.
2. Vote for, or join, a political party that wasn't liberal in its outlook.
1. Deny my ethnicity - Anglo-Indian, catholic and proud of it!

So, who should I tag next? Well, let's try my cousin Kim, Andy Mayer, my North Southwark colleague, and Susanne Lamido. Over to you, ladies and gentleman!

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