Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Vote for me... oh, you already have...

Amazing! I get home, jetlagged out of my mind, spend the day at the office before going to the Annual General Meeting of my beloved local Liberal Democrats to be re-elected as Chair without opposition. I then come home and find that I've been elected to the English Candidates Committee! I'm stunned but it proves that the llama worked (see my earlier posting on this subject).

Now, if I survive the elections for the Regional Party less than two weeks from now, I've defended all of the positions that I won last year and gained a new one.

The meeting this evening went really well, with Susan Kramer, MP for Richmond Park speaking eloquently on what it is like to be a Member of Parliament before answering a range of questions on key issues. She was every bit as good as I had hoped she would be. Caroline Pidgeon, our council Executive Member for Education was very enlightening in terms of what we're doing in the borough, and there were interventions from Belinda Knowles, our ward organiser, Jonathan Mitchell, our Parliamentary candidate this time, and Richard Thomas, our council Executive Member for the Environment.

It was great fun and I managed to stay awake throughout... despite the jet lag. Things are looking good!