Thursday, March 26, 2009

To cut a long story short...

... Spandau Ballet are reforming, one of those throwbacks to an earlier, rather gentler era when the New Romantics bestrode the musical world like colossi (if that's the wrong word, I don't care, it looks pretty!).

The downside is that I am reminded as to just how old I am, especially given that Tony Hadley has gone from smooth-jawed babe magnet (just check the videos if you don't believe me) to slightly gone to seed, puffy middle-aged West Ham season ticket holder. By the way, that's the look, not the actuality, before anyone gets too excited.

Spandau Ballet were one of those bands who defined my teenage years, a band for whom the look was core to the musical package, all sharp suits and art school videos. They could perform though, and their first big hit, 'To Cut a Long Story Short', with its video set in some windowless room masquerading as a castle, with the band in highland dress, certainly made an impression on this haplessly romantic teenager. Yes, I wanted to be like that - and never would. Yes, I had the hips, or complete lack of them, to be more accurate (we're talking really, really thin here - hard to believe, I know), but was far too self-conscious to carry it off.

But at least they weren't punk rockers. The idea of sticking things into myself made me wince even to think of it, and the notion of anarchy grated against the moral and social conservatism of a kid brought up in the comfy middle-class suburbs. We just didn't do that sort of thing in Kingsbury.

I won't be rushing to buy tickets for their world tour, although if Ros is keen (and I'd be surprised), I might be persuadable. You know, sometimes it's better to retain those memories of being sixteen and confused...

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Mendez said...

I preferred Depeche Mode.