Monday, September 01, 2008

Ros Scott: serious about being Party President

Nominations for the position of President of the Liberal Democrats open today. Naturally, I'm as biased as all hell - after all, I liked the candidate so much that I married her...

The campaign website goes officially live at 17:16 this afternoon. Until then, all that can be seen is a countdown and, for those so inclined, a really quite good video...

Why 17:16? Ros will be catching the 17:16 train to Chessington South from Waterloo, and will disembark at Tolworth to meet activists for a mass canvass in Ed Davey's constituency of Kingston & Surbiton, before adjourning for a 'poppadoms and politics' evening event.

This isn't a campaign about being something, it's about doing something, and so the campaign will start as Ros means to go on if elected.

I'm proud to be associated with this campaign, and even prouder to be married to such a great candidate.

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Stephen Glenn said...

Aha the rail stop closest to my second student house and the next one down the line after my final abode in the Kingston constiuency.

See I knew it made sence to back Ros.