Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting just a little excited about Saturday

Just two days to go until Conference starts, and the excitement is building up to fever pitch.

Millennium has advised me that I shall go to the ball or, in this instance, get to take part in the blogger interview with Lembit Opik. I've promised to bring my bestest notebook (the one with the pressed flower on the cover) and a full set of coloured pens. I've got a bunch of questions to ask him and look forward to reporting back on what he has to say.

I'll be going straight from that to the launch of our diversity engagement programme, before attending the rally, a book launch, two Regional Receptions (London and East of England - we're a bi-regional family) and then the Liberal Democrat Blog of the Year Awards, where Ros has been nominated for three awards.

I just hope that I can keep up the pace...

1 comment:

Jennie said...

"diversity engagement programme"

Encouraging Lib Dems from different areas and ethnic groups to agree to marry each other? Glad to see Mat and I are ahead of the curve ;)