Monday, September 29, 2008

It's been a difficult year for cats

My recent Facebook update, indicating that I am somewhat more intelligent than my cat, has drawn a number of comments, and I am reminded just how many Liberal Democrats are 'cat people'.

It's been a difficult year for the feline element of the family, with Victoria dying from cancer, Franklin from old age aggravated by a meeting of my Local Party Executive, and then Eleanor from renal failure. They had all had a pretty good innings, so to speak, all of them making it to the cat equivalent of their eighties, but it has been something of a blow nonetheless.

I'm left with Cincinnati, a big orange and white bruiser of a cat (at least, he looks like one yet is a gentle soul at heart) and Katherine, who has suddenly given up her Greta Garbo approach to the world to become affectionate and demanding. Cincinnati is struggling a bit with the sudden lack of company, and has become more clingy in recent months.

Ros has been thrust into a world of cat fur, litter trays and 'cat food breath' and I have to say that she has borne this new world with surprising equanimity. However, the impact of two cats plus a cleaner is far less than that of five cats, and I have noticed that the house is easier to manage than it was.

Given the age of Cincinnati (15) and Katherine (16), they aren't going to be around forever, and I've already decided that our lifestyle is ill-suited to pets, so they won't be replaced, but I admit to a sense of foreboding about their age. Cincinnati, particularly, has been a major feature in my life, with his loud, reassuring purr and his sense of ownership over me.

Nobody ever said that pet ownership would be so emotionally testing...


Jennie said...

"I've already decided that our lifestyle is ill-suited to pets, so they won't be replaced"

My mum made all those lifestyle points when Gollum died, and said she was never going to get another dog. Freddie arrived about 8 months after. Gollum himself arrived after a similar period of "we're not having another one" when Shadow passed away...

My mum is a hard-faced Yorkshirewoman; you're well softer than she is. I predict you'll last 6 months before some ball of fur adopts you.

(if a dog person is allowed to comment on this post... ;))

Duncan Borrowman said...

You forget that the cats own you - not vice versa.
And whatever you may think now, if a cat decides that it is going to own you it is futile to resist.