Monday, May 25, 2009

Suffolk Liberal Democrats - Six to Fix

As the Liberal Democrat candidate in Upper Gipping, I am proud to support our platform designed to make Suffolk a better place for all of its residents. As part of our overall manifesto, we have focussed our efforts on six core pledges;
  1. Support Middle Schools - we will stop the closure of Middle Schools in Suffolk, such as Bacton Middle School
  2. Better Care Services - we will review all care service fees and make elderly day care free once again
  3. Safer Suffolk - we will reduce accidents on our roads and reduce speeding in our towns and villages
  4. A Better Run Council - we will freeze all council salaries over £50,000 and run services fairly and efficiently
  5. Greener Suffolk - we will cut the 20,000,000 miles travelled by council staff every year
  6. Smarter Education - we will reverse the fall in GCSE results and invest in our children's future
Whilst the future of Suffolk County Council is unclear, Suffolk Liberal Democrats are committed to doing their very best for everyone who lives here. If you agree with some or all of our ideas, we invite you to vote Liberal Democrat on June 4th.

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Peter Black said...

I hope you have costed these Mark, they look veeery expensive. I doubt if you could deliver No. 4 without leaving National pay bargaining arrangements especially as many of those earning more than £50,000 will be headteachers.