Sunday, May 31, 2009

Because Kathy Pollard is worth it...

My candidacy in Upper Gipping came about because somebody else wanted it to happen. Kathy Pollard inherited the challenge of being our Group Leader on Suffolk County Council and has worked incredibly hard to encourage us to do our best as a campaigning force.

She was determined that, unlike past years, we flew the flag in every county division and, I'm delighted to say, this time we have (with one, wholly justifiable, exception). Alright, we may not be likely to win everywhere, but there is nowhere where a voter can say that they didn't have the opportunity to vote for a Liberal Democrat.

She has also sought to ensure that we run the best campaigns we can, sacrificing what spare time she has from her own division of Belstead Brook to help others.

And so, this afternoon, I'm going to go to South Suffolk and deliver some leaflets for her. Because, as the adverts suggest, she's worth it...


SDW said...

Whats the exception then?! Just to be awkward and ask.

Ive not been up to date with the blog for a while - are u in a winnable ward then?

Good luck for Thursday either way!

Mark Valladares said...


Welcome back!

The exception is Melford, where the Independent councillor, Richard Kemp, sits within the Liberal Democrat and Independent Group.

It would be fair to say that Upper Gipping is a 'development ward' - we haven't put up a candidate in the past two county elections. It's been fun though, and a pleasure to be of assistance to our county-wide campaign.

SDW said...

Good luck anyway for Thursday.

I got 557 in my first (and thusfar only) election in 2006. About 2,500votes away from power.

Hope you do well.