Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunshine over Mundesley - I can't believe it's so Lib Dem

As my campaign in Upper Gipping rises to its crescendo, I thought that it might be nice to contribute to someone else's effort. So there I was, on the North Norfolk coast, to help our candidate.

Yes, I was on the far side of the Waveney, in Mundesley, one of those typically English seaside resorts, small, without obvious attractions but with a gently sloping beach, tea rooms and a crazy golf course. And, joining me were, amongst others, the hyperactive local MP, Norman Lamb, no.2 on the European list, Linda Jack, and county candidate Graham Jones.

Initially, we weren't finding too many people in, but as we knocked on more doors, it became clear that everyone knows someone who's been helped by Norman Lamb. It's just like Berwick - "oh yes, we always vote for that nice Mr Beith" - and a tribute to Norman's hard work. To be honest, it was hard to believe that so many people were willing to vote Liberal Democrat, but given the quality of the canvas team, it's hard to put it down to mere optimism.

And, as the sun shone, and LibDem definites and probables emerged in droves, one might almost have believed that we might do quite well...

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Anonymous said...

Bloody well hope so. Best of luck.