Friday, May 29, 2009

Suffolk Liberal Democrats - for better care

Liberal Democrats will ensure that the Council puts care back at the top of the agenda. In the past four years, charges have rocketed under the Conservatives. We will:

Review all charges - the Liberal Democrats will review the charging policy for care in Suffolk, to make sure that the elderly and vulnerable are getting the best deal possible.

Re-introduce free day care - since the Conservatives first started charging per day, the number of sessions attended by elderly people has halved. This will initially be funded by the huge reserves held at the County.

Help people claim the benefits they are entitled to - the council should be proactively helping all elderly and vulnerable citizens to get the benefits they have earned.

Provide free bus passes for carers - there is no point in offering free transport to disabled people if their carers have to pay. Giving carers free bus passes would encourage both to use public transport.

Ensure adequate funding for drug and alcohol support services - the Conservatives have cut funding to this vital service.

Work with the NHS to provide the best possible service for Suffolk residents - The Liberal Democrats will fight any proposals that could cause a reduction in the level of care for people across Suffolk.

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