Monday, January 12, 2009

Take AK-47, aim at foot, fire at will... an object lesson in how to lose sympathy by Hamas

The overall leader of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal, pictured to the left, is based in Syria, where he lives. As its official leader, his words carry much weight amongst Palestinians, regardless of their political persuasion or degree of militancy. So, when he suggests that any hope of a peace settlement has been destroyed forever, has he really considered what message he is sending out to the wider world?

To moderate Arab opinion, to the European Union and to the other players in the Middle East peace talks, he indicates that any effort on their part to broker a ceasefire is futile. To the Israelis attacking Gaza, he provides every justification to continue. Worst of all, to the residents of Gaza, he sends a clear message that their lives are to be sacrificed for a cause that will never be satisfied. Sitting in the safety of Damascus, perhaps he should mull over the foolishness that was Saddam Hussein's, claiming to have offensive capacities that didn't exist and daring the world to take them from him.

The US-led coalition called Saddam's bluff, and I fear that the Israelis will call Mr Meshaal's. The collateral casualties in Hamas's campaign of terror against Israel will not thank him for it...

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