Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My typical Tuesday morning commute

One of the big differences between living in London and Creeting St Peter is commuting. Whereas in London, I battled my way onto the Tube, cursing slow moving tourists on escalators, and wondering why people think that, by standing right in front of the doors as the train stops, it will help the flow of passengers on and off.

Of course, I still commute, but it's rather more gentle now. This is how this morning's epic journey went...

9.07 Kiss Ros goodbye and walk down The Lane to the corner with Pound Road. It's less than a hundred yards, the sun is shining, and I'm carrying the last bite or two of a toasted cheese sandwich.

9.10 Community bus arrives with Kath at the wheel, Ted from Wetheringsett on board for his regular weekly journey into Stowmarket and now me. We set off towards Stowupland, and chat about the weather, Kath's trip to Walton-on-the-Naze with her dog, riding, and shopping locally.

9.18 Bus arrives at Stowmarket station, where I pay Kath for my return journey (£2.10, very reasonable) and walk onto the platform.

9.19 Walk into Station News for my copy of The Times, and head across the footbridge to catch my train.

9.29 National Express East Anglia train to London arrives on time, and I take a window seat with a table and some legroom, as the Gipping Valley puts on a spring display in the sunshine.

9.40 Train arrives in Ipswich (on time), and I walk along Princes Street to my office, about five minutes away.

Door to door in 40 minutes... Not bad, if I say so myself...

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