Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sometimes, just sometimes, it would be nice not to be disappointed by a law firm...

I am a cautious soul for the most part. I moderate comments to this blog, generally because this is my space, and I set the rules. And so I discovered that the following comment had been left for me to publish;

If you are interested in the authorisation process for Heathrow runway 3, check out my blog, which monitors the implementation of the new regime under the Planning Act 2008, which the runway will need to use:

You'll note that I have not hyperlinked the website address. I fundamentally object to a commercial organisation attempting to leech off of my blog for their own gain. However, I suspect that I'm not alone so, if you've had a similar comment posted, you might like to complain to this person, who appears to be responsible...

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Angus Walker said...

Dear Mark,

I did not mean to cause offence by posting a link to my blog on your website, sorry about that. I am new to blogging and obviously need to learn the etiquette.

The blog is purely information and comment on matters relating to the Planning Act - indeed it reported on the Lib Dems' policy on the Act a couple of weeks ago and will continue to do so in the future if there are any developments, so I would be glad to hear from you or anyone else on that.

I intend to focus on airport expansion soon and I will report on Susan Kramer's Airport Expansion (Parliamentary Approval) Bill - I would be interested to know if her Bill represents Lib Dem policy. The Act also covers other controversial projects such as nuclear power stations and waste incinerators, so it is set to be highly conspicuous politically once it comes into force properly on 1 March.

If I may, I would like to post a link to your blog on my entry on Lib Dem policy.


Angus Walker