Sunday, August 16, 2009

A bureaucrat, a Group Leader, the Party President and a computer - it takes a village to produce a Focus

So, with Irfan's encouragement ringing in my ears, I ventured to Capel St Mary, where I was to receive an introductory course on PagePlus, and produce a Focus leaflet, courtesy of Kathy Pollard, our Group Leader on Suffolk County Council.

Kathy has been incredibly supportive of my attempts to get involved with campaigning here in Suffolk and today was fascinating, as she demonstrated the basics of what PagePlus can do, and even had a photo taken of the two of us for one of the articles for the leaflet. Ros, who has been pretty inspirational in keeping me focussed, was at the other end of the camera.

I was pleasantly surprised that, whilst there is plenty of complicated stuff you can do with PagePlus, it appears to be designed so that, even if you're a novice, it can be used to make something basic yet professional looking. Much kudos must go to whoever it was who decided that this should be the preferred software for the Party.

Anyway, the leaflet is now ready to be printed, and when I manage to work out how to compress the pdf file to a small enough size, I can send it to the printer.

One small step for a liberal bureaucrat, one giant step towards 2011...


Romer Hoseason said...

Thank Duncan Borrowman who blogs at

Neil Walton said...

When you export as a pdf, choose a different type of export like Web Normal or Web Compact.
That will reduce the size of the pdf quite a bit.