Saturday, August 29, 2009

PPC selection rules: in the forest, a new kind of regime stirs

There has been, for as long as I can remember, generalised unhappiness with the way we select Parliamentary candidates. Too complicated and long-winded for smaller, weaker Local Parties, too restrictive for candidates, too quasi-legal for Returning Officers, the list goes on. Well, things are going to change. The third draft of the proposed new rules has reached 'Liberal Bureaucracy' and, I must say, I'm pretty pleased. Much of what I've called for is in, and major issues addressed.

A further drafting exercise is under way, and I expect the next draft to be discussed at the meeting of the English Candidates Committee for Sunday, September 20th, with the final version potentially debated at English Council on Saturday, November 28th. I guess that, if such a schedule is achievable, the new Rules would come into force immediately after a General Election.

The style might prove to be a bit of a surprise too...