Friday, January 27, 2006

Gallantry in the face of the enemy

I managed to catch 'Question Time' last night and was surprised to see Simon Hughes there. I know that he was scheduled to take part but I had expected him to withdraw given the sort of day he had experienced, an act which most people would have understood and accepted.

So I was impressed to see him attend and speak cogently on his own situation, especially given the presence of John Redwood, whose sanctimonious attitude made me want to hurl, sitting next to him. And that woman from the Institute for Ideas... what is she on? It was reassuring to note that Simon drew as much applause for his various comments as any other panellist, a sign perhaps that the impact of his 'outing' by the Sun will be short-lived and insignificant.

I'm still not supporting him for the leadership but will freely admit that I was impressed by his approach. Good luck, Simon, and God bless...


Tristan said...

I didn't see it all, but that woman... she was complaining about the LibDems civil liberties record being bad. The mind boggles (unless she's fallen for the New Labour new-speak)

Angus J Huck said...

Didn't John Redwood leave his wife for another woman a couple of years back?

Neither Simon nor Mark has ever walked out on a wife, as far as I know.

In the circumstances, I'm not surprised that Redwood refrained from preaching.

There are few walks of life where we have to discuss our private lives and defend what we do or don't do in bed.

What is so different about politics?

Mark Oaten should remain MP for Winchester and fight the next General Election.

His relationship with his wife is his affair, not ours, and definitely not Paul Dacre's.

The endless preaching by "Daily Mail" columnists is frankly sickening.

Leave the Oatens alone, you sanctimonious, hypocritical bastards!

Promiscuity was never much of an issue for Lloyd-George, because the media and fellow politicians covered up for him. And I don't think there were calls for Edward VII to abdicate on the ground that he was morally unfit to be King.

Instead of denying he was gay, Simon should have said: "Mind your own bloody business," or words to that effect (that's what Livingstone - who is heterosexual - would have done). Newshounds only retreat when they know they are never going to get a story.