Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Fruit Ninja... part of my five a day

My parents very kindly gave me a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas,, and it is already becoming clear that it will be especially useful for my studies in 2013, as it is small, lightweight and surprisingly easy to use. There is, however, a down side.

I am, as has been noted in the past, a bit too easily distracted, and the discovery of Fruit Ninja, a game in which the player attempts to slice fruit as it flies randomly across the screen, has proved just a little tempting, to the extent that I'm now only missing one blade and a background of the many available for achieving certain goals.

It would, indeed, be fair to say that I kill far more fruit than I eat, which is possibly a bad thing, although it does make my commute mildly more entertaining.

On the plus side, although there are those of you who might find this a bit sad, I have been able to load my training notes onto it, allowing me to study HMRC's policy on diversity (they're in favour), and the time management course that I am supposed to do.

So, new year, new gadget. I wonder what else will be new in 2013...

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