Thursday, January 17, 2013

A perceived breach of netiquette... Am I being unreasonable?

I have been, for some time now, a member of a Facebook group linked to a possible reunion. Not wholly surprisingly, it hasn't happened, and it became a means for one member to publicise his various blog entries.

I put up with it for a while, but yesterday finally lost patience. If I want to read your blog, I'll follow it, or look for it. If I choose to follow you on Twitter and you use it to promote your blog, that's my prerogative. If your blog appears somewhere I frequent regularly, that's fine too. But please don't use a social group for your self-promotion.

So, I've quit the group, at least for the time being. Am I being wholly unreasonable?


Jennie Rigg said...

I'd say it's possible you're being a tiny bit unreasonable. Did you speak to this person first and give them a chance to stop being a prick, or did you just flounce? If the former, with the concomitant implication that they failed to stop, then you're being entirely reasonable. If the latter you're being slightly unreasonable, but not too any level that's likely to have consequences for you or your loved ones.

Mark Valladares said...


Fair comment. No, no warning was given, although I had been vaguely irritated for some time.

So, I'll settle for being a bit unreasonable, and accept it as being an early sign of 'grumpy old man-ness'... :)