Sunday, January 06, 2013

Another day, another Tory defection to UKIP...

According to the Ipswich Star, Conservative Town and District Councillor for Stowmarket North, Frank Whittle, has joined UKIP. Given his comment that he was "sick and tired of all the political correctness and politicians who are all mouth and no action", I suspect that he'll be right at home there until he loses his seats in 2015.

Perhaps the more interesting thing was the response of the Chair of the local Conservative Association. Andrew Speed said,

We are disappointed that Frank has felt the need to move to UKIP but we retain a healthy majority on the district council.
There are twenty-one Conservative councillors out of the forty on Mid Suffolk District Council, hardly a healthy majority, or is that a confession that Ray Melvin, Charlie Flatman and Stuart Gemmill are really only masquerading as independents after all?

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