Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Liberal Bureaucrat and the Double Entry Conundrum

After a great many years, I am about to re-enter the world of education. And yes, I do recall that I successfully obtained a Non-Vocational Qualification in Operational Delivery earlier this year.

It has been pointed out that I won't have to use a quill pen and an abacus this time, which should make life a little easier, and that there are new-fangled trains, rather than stagecoaches, to whisk me to London for the classroom training. This is mildly encouraging. However, the prospect of examinations that I have to pass, and the need to be rather better organised than I usually am is making me a little uncomfortable.

What is making me most uncomfortable though is the idea of learning about bookkeeping. You'd think, wouldn't you, that as a bureaucrat and Local Parry treasurer, that I'd be fairly sanguine, especially given that I am the slightly embarrassed possessor of a degree in Mathematics. But no, I'm beginning to fret about it.

You see, I've always held fairly strong views about numbers. They are a bit like God, in that if you believe in them, and are comfortable about the fact that they exist, all will probably be well. If you don't, and they turn up unexpectedly, problems ensue. I am, as a rule, comfortable with numbers, indeed, very comfortable, but I have an inexplicable sense of unease about the mechanics of bookkeeping. Double entry this, single entry that, it just seems to be a bit arcane. And I have no choice but to be reasonably good at it, at least, good enough to pass an examination.

A friend of mine is being helpful, suggesting that it might make a decent motion picture, with her as my glamorous boss - assistant or sidekick seems so corny and, whisper it quietly, self-centred. So, 'Liberal Bureaucrat and the Ledger of Doom' it is then. I think that a visit to the Kindle Bookstore is called for.

And a Merry Christmas to you all...

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