Friday, December 21, 2012

Creeting St Peter 0, Tory District Councillor... well, what exactly?

Recently, in response to a planning application by local concrete products company, Poundfield Products Ltd, Creeting St Peter Parish Council submitted an extremely negative reply, noting;
  • the impact of noise pollution to the local surrounding area and the Gipping Valley in general, especially from the loud bleepers. It is understood that noise is often heard at night and at weekends
  • light pollution from the very bright lights on top of the cranes which can be seen from a long way off. This light pollution is affecting both local residents, the Gipping Valley in general and also the natural environment – owls, badgers, etc. There are many owl boxes nearby and it is thought that the lights and noise must have a negative impact on the wildlife in the area, including the Fen Alder Carr Nature Reserve in Fen Lane
  • the cumulative impact of all the activities being undertaken at the site that, it is felt, is having a negative effect on the local residents and the wildlife in the area and surrounding natural beauty of the Gipping Valley.
  • that painting the cranes grey will not solve the problem, as they will still be seen, particularly when lit up at night.
  • that the site is generally becoming an eyesore from all aspects, and particularly when viewed from the nearby footpaths. It is felt that there has been continual abuse of planning clearance and that obligations under existing planning applications have not been fully met. The bund has not been fully planted with trees as we understand was part of the earlier planning permission, so the site can still be seen from the road (Mill Lane). A building constructed to house fertiliser has, it is understood, never been used for this purpose, but for housing cement products.
  • increased traffic to and from the site is also of concern to local residents.
I have to admit that, despite our damning comments, added to those of local residents, I had little confidence that the Planning team at Mid Suffolk District Council would do anything other than approve it, given their historically poor performance record.

And so, this evening's news that the planning application has been approved comes as no great surprise. What does come as a surprise is that the application was apparently approved by the Planning Committee contrary to the recommendation of the planning officer.

Given that the council is run by the (evil) Conservatives, doubtless my local (Conservative councillor) will claim that it was not what she wanted, and that she is as horrified as anyone else, as is her usual response whenever something unpopular happens. This might be rather more difficult this time, as she is the Planning Portfolio Holder.

So, Caroline, what's your excuse this time, and why did you think that the planning officer knows less about what is good for the Gipping Valley than you do? Given that you live in Eye, some thirteen miles away, is the fact that it has no impact upon you personally rather coloured your cavalier disregard for our community?

Or is it simply that, as long as you have the support of Stowupland Parish Council, a surprising number of whose members signed your nomination papers last year, our little parish and its 214 voters don't matter to you?...

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Michael Berridge said...

This approval surprises me too. I know from several years on planning that an officer's recommendation to refuse is the quickest way to doom an application. Perhaps there are too few "green welly" Tories on Mid Suffolk DC.