Friday, September 28, 2012

Lib Dems Announce PCC Candidate

Norfolk Liberal Democrats have announced that James Joyce will be their candidate for the election of the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner on November 15th.

James Joyce is currently a district and county councillor. He represents the Eynesford Ward on Broadland Council and the Reepham Division on Norfolk County Council. Since 2005 he has represented the latter body as a member of the Norfolk Police Authority but he will be stepping down from this position in order to contest the election.

Commenting on his adoption, which follows a ballot of all Liberal Democrat members in Norfolk, Mr Joyce said:

"I am delighted to be chosen by the Party to stand in this election. Most Liberal Democrats have some reservations about the new process of elected commissioners but we are determined to make the system work effectively."

"We are fortunate to live in a "low crime" area. Norfolk is acknowledged as one of the safest counties in England with 50 crimes per 1000 residents against an average of 66 crimes per 1000 across the country. Making sure that this position is maintained is essential."

"Like all public bodies the Police are under financial pressure, they need to do more for less. Driving out inefficiency is and has to remain a key objective. Back room savings must continue to be turned into front line visibility."

"Maintaining appropriate communications with the public will be vital if the new structure is to function properly. In my work as a member of the Police Authority I have always been a passionate supporter of Community Policing. Responding effectively to community needs will be my first priority."

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Anonymous said...

I can see the slogan now - James Joyce for poetic justice!