Thursday, April 15, 2010

Envelope stuffing - a reprise in Newport East

Apparently, there are those in Newport East who are surprised by the volume of leaflets emanating from the Liberal Democrats. They will no doubt be interested to hear that there will be more to come. Some of that will come in the form of letters, a few hundred of which were stuffed by me on Monday morning. Yes, there was more clerical work to be done, as Ros's efforts to rally the troops moved on to Gwent.

We were met by Mike German, former leader of the Liberal Democrats in the Welsh Assembly, and now focusing his vast experience on helping to get Ed Townsend elected. With Veronica running the office, and the full support of our councillors, all the stops have been pulled out.

Again, the tea was excellent, and the venison pie, strongly recommended by Mike, was extremely welcome. Ros spoke, and fielded questions on the national picture, whilst I quietly got on with my work...

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a concerned potential Liberal said...

Surprised at the volume of Liberal leaflets: yes.

It all seems unnecessary, though.

I have been edging towards voting Liberal but the volume of leafletting in the constituency is a real turn off. How can the liberals justify the environmental impact of sending me 20+ leaflets & letters? I got the message ages ago. I would far rather than Ed Townsend and co made an effort to get out to the villages on the Eastern edge of the constituency [Llanwern, Bishton, Underwood] rather than take the lazy option of sending a deluge of literature.