Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So, what is going to happen in Cambridge, now that David Howarth is standing down?

With the announcement that David Howarth is standing down, there will doubtless be some urgency to select his replacement. So, how will this work?

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceThe first task is, technically, for the Local Party to approach the Regional Candidates Chair (RCC) to appoint a Returning Officer. This shouldn't be a lengthy process, as Catherine Smart, East of England's RCC, is a Cambridge City councillor. She will be responsible for the appointment, and might well be the first RCC to have to appoint a Returning Officer in such circumstances - held seat, own constituency. She'll be looking for an experienced Returning Officer and, whilst there are only two senior RO's in East of England to my knowledge (Catherine and myself), there are others who are more than capable of taking on such a role. I'm not available, which rules me out...

Meanwhile, the Local Party will be seeking to nominate a selection committee. As this is a held seat, it will be expected that all members will have undergone the formal training available, which includes an element of diversity awareness. They will also have to, as far as is possible, reflect the membership of the Local Party. The Returning Officer will have to agree the composition.

The Returning Officer will seek a meeting with the Local Party Executive as soon as possible to discuss the process and outline a possible timetable. Bear in mind that Christmas will intervene, and that this is likely to be contested, and one will realise that the process is unlikely to be completed until late February at best.

So, much to do in Cambridge, and we await news as they work their way through the Selection Rules...

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Rankersbo said...

I don't know why I'm still surprised when I read someone's name I recognise.

Catherine used to be my councillor. That is I used to live 2 streets away from her for two of the three years I worked in Cambridge. Don't think we properly met, though.