Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Party attracts my attention and saves me money

To be honest, when the mailing hits my doormat inviting me to hand over some vast sum of money so that I can attend Federal Conference, I usually put it aside and promptly forget about it. This usually causes me to miss the early booking rate and makes it even more expensive.

However, this year is different. A strangely turquoise, rather glossy magazine-like thing emerged from the envelope. I was, I admit, rather impressed, so much so that I have registered for both conferences at a cost of £87 - a pretty good deal for those that can afford it.

The document itself is one of the best I've seen emerge from Cowley Street and is evidence that the Party is becoming more professional in terms of branding - the colour scheme matches that of the new website. It actually gives the impression that Federal Conference is valuable, that you might have fun and that you might learn a thing or two.

Stand up and take a bow, Conference Office and all involved...

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