Monday, November 30, 2009

Can I haz title? Does that come with ermine?

On 14 December, the following item is on the list of business in the House of Lords;

Baroness Deech to ask Her Majesty’s Government whether they will make proposals relating to the titles used by the husbands of women members of the House of Lords.

Now I don't know where this question comes from, and I'm not sure what Baroness Deech's motivation is, but I am certainly intrigued by the prospect of an answer.

However, it isn't clear to me what title one might give. Of course, the wife of a male Peer is given the honorific 'Lady' (I'm not sure if this applies to the civil partner of a female Peer - anyone know?), but 'Lord' seems somewhat inappropriate. A life baronetcy perhaps, although Sir Mark has a bizarre ring to it.

No, I tend to think that things will be left as they are. After all, if all political parties are committed to reform of the second chamber and a mostly or fully-elected House, why bother with further fripperies? And if this Government were that bothered, you would have thought that Harriet Harman would have acted before now...


Richard Gadsden said...

Couldn't you just be made The Hon. Mark Scott?

Jennie said...

Bah! Whatever official title you are given, you'll always be Lady Mark to me :)

(am on mobile phone in strange bedroom, very amused by the fact that the Captcha is `spirm` and trying not to laugh aloud and wake my roommate)