Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Damn it Jennie, just sit still and be revered, why don't you?

My friend Jennie is unhappy this morning, a fact which takes a little of the shine off of my day. Jennie is different. She appears to live her life in accordance to one of the key principles of liberalism, in that she refuses to be a slave to conformity, and I get a degree of vicarious pleasure out of that.

She is volatile and direct, and for those of us who have allowed ourselves to be boxed in by convention, by what those around us think, by our upbringing and by our community, she represents a breath of fresh air. Even when I don't wholly agree with her, I am made to think just a little. Best of all, she makes me smile even when she makes a serious point.

All in all, I think that she's a bit of a treasure, to be taken out of the wrapper of the blogosphere and savoured from time to time, to be celebrated and enjoyed.

So, wherever you are and whatever you're doing today, the sun is shining on you, my friend. The clouds that are in the way are someone else's problem...


Jennie said...

Bah. Damn you Valladares, you made me cry.

You did a good job on expanding on the definitional problem point in your earlier post, though. I think the idea that political blogging is narrowly defined as PARTY political blogging by the MSM and many of the "top" bloggers is a big part of the problem, and probably you're right that the number of women who are actively party political as opposed to just campaigning on issues feeds into it.

burkesworks said...

If Jennie were chocolate she'd be Valrhona.