Friday, October 30, 2009

As some doors open, others close...

Political parties die, some choose to opt out, others fail to pay their membership fee. And so we say goodbye to;

PLS , Switzerland
PND, Morocco
FDP, Switzerland
ALN, Nicaragua

all of whom have ceased to exist, and;

PLH, Honduras
ADL, Morocco
PLRA, Paraguay
SNP, Seychelles
UPND, Zambia


ayld said...

The SNP are no longer affiliated? Ach. Candy Piercey runs a rather illuminating training session on how Lib Dem campaigning methods have been applied by the SNP in the Seychelles...

Niklas said...

Ahem, could you explain how the FDP and PLS from Switzerland "have ceased to exist" when they have in fact merged and seem to be very healthy? See:

Hope you are having a good time in Egypt. If the hospitality is as good as it was for us at the IFLRY conference in Beirut (hosted by Future Youth) I'm sure you will be having an excellent time :)