Thursday, April 02, 2009

So now that the election is over, what do I do next?

I've tidied away the ballot papers for safe keeping, I've calculated the results, and I'm content that, as far as possible, all is well in terms of process. The result, on the other hand, is for Liberal Youth to deal with in due course.

I do have to submit a report on the elections, and would be grateful for any comments with regard to process that reflect possible constitutional change, or that could be reflected in a protocol for future elections. You know where to find me, or just leave a comment.

The rest of my life is likely to be hectic over the coming months, as a whole new set of opportunities have emerged, but I ought to 'clear my desk' first, so to speak...


Anonymous said...

Is it fair that members older than the constitutions maximum beat 14 year old Michael Atkins?

Is it fair that a number of candidates in the election are older than 'youth'?

How about that for the report?

LiberAll said...

Who was older than the constitution's maximum?

As for the definition of "youth", where is "youth" clearly and unambiguously defined? The line has to be drawn on interpretation.

Anonymous said...

First up, I'm pretty sure Michael is about 17! If not, he started attending conferences as a foetus.

Secondly, the only candidate in these elections who was over the age for automatic LY membership (26) was myself (I was 27 on Wednesday) and members are welcome and indeed encouraged to pay a small extra fee to remain members until they are 30. Full-time students qualify for membership even then.

I don't think there was anyone on the ballot who should not have been there - at least not on the basis of age!

Ben Mathis