Sunday, July 27, 2008

A gentle painkiller for the soul in Farndon

A slightly wounded bureaucrat (back trouble - old war wound) rolled gently into Cheshire on Friday evening to resume the 'Campaign for a Real President' at an event hosted by Paul and Vera Roberts at their lovely home in Farndon, on the Welsh border south of Chester.

The local elections were not kind to Liberal Democrats across Cheshire, but they're resilient in the North West, and the realisation that, whilst the Conservatives have the seats, the intellectual force is still with us means that they've recovered their spirits fairly quickly.

Ros made a brief speech, followed by a series of questions, some about her work in the Lords, but also a number about her aims if elected as President. I am increasingly convinced that councillors, activists and party officers expect the President to do a serious job and represent the Party with dignity. If that's so, then they know where to put their mark on the ballot paper...

We had a really pleasant evening, and much thanks must go, in particular, to Vera for her gracious welcome.


John said...

Yes Vera's really nice - have you thought of coming to Stockport?

Mark Valladares said...


If you can make it happen, and Ros can fit it into the diary, who knows?