Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Be gentle with me, Glasgow East

There are a great many phrases that one is unlikely to hear. "Thank you for being early, Mr Hughes", or "I, Gordon Brown, am resigning as Prime Minister to take up ballet dancing.", are just two such. So here's a third... I'm off to Glasgow in the morning to help out in the by-election.

Ros was intending to go, but now can't, so I thought that I might use the train tickets and hotel booking. This will, I'm sure, strike horror into Labour and SNP activists, and I'm even more sure that Ian Robertson will assume that victory is in the bag, but I'm going to feel the burn and do it anyway.

I'll report from the campaign headquarters when I find it...

1 comment:

Jennie said...

* sends emergency wire to Govan family members *

When having the usual family punchup tomorrow, avoid bystanders with the Beard of Evil, please...

(only slightly joking here)

(watch out for a guy who looks like a refugee from the Proclaimers, that's my half cousin Scott)