Monday, May 21, 2007

Dudden Hill - go there, deliver something!

In my new guise as Secretary of Borough of Brent Liberal Democrats (currently acting as locum on a non-voting basis), I spent the afternoon in Dudden Hill, delivering letters to voters in various parts of the ward.

Despite the persistent drizzle, I covered quite a bit of ground for an old man (at least, I feel vaguely elderly) and managed to get four walks done before my feet started to send signals that they needed a break.

This is a key by-election given the constituency it falls within (Brent Central) and whilst control of the council doesn't ride on it, a successful defence will send out a powerful message and thus, to my colleagues across London, I would ask that if you can lend a hand, please do what you can.

It's a lovely ward to deliver, fairly small, houses close together, no drives to walk up and down and, for those of you who need some campaigning experience prior to a development day, it would be a good place to get some.

So, get yourself to Dudden Hill, you know that you want to!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Pawan Gupta and Brent Liberal Democrats for winning the by-election in Dudden Hill: Liberal Democrats 1262 (39.8%) Labour 1177 (37.2%) Tory 412 (13.0%) Respect 160 (5.1%) Green 156 (4.9%) Majority 85