Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tell me if I'm missing something obvious, won't you?

I'm told that research is very important when taking on a new project, and normally I would have someone do that for me (the advantages of monarchy, I've always thought) but, on this occasion, I've paid a visit to Mark's garret in the north-east tower of the castle to see what he actually does.

It gives me no great pleasure to admit that I am none the wiser after two hours of observation and questioning. There appears to be paper involved, and he assures me that there are people out there who respond to his various missives, but I am puzzled as to why he does it. It seems so desperately boring, if worthy. And yet there seem to be people out there, living wildly exciting lives, like that charming young man Stephen Tall, from Oxford (I remember my study abroad year at Magdalen College, such gaiety...), and the philosophy klatsch that is Liberal Review (so many ideas, I wonder if they'll ever get to use any of them?).

By comparison, Mark comes across as rather grey, and he is capable of so much more than that, if he ever puts his mind to it. Clearly, Ludwig and I are going to have to take him in hand and shake up his routine a little bit. If you have any suggestions, do let me know, won't you?


Ex-athelete said...

Dear me, it sounds like the days of Mark the (near-)Commonwealth qualifying pentathelete are long behind him. The Mark I used to know would never spend hours shuffling paperwork when there were muddy fields to run across instead!

Stephen Tall said...

I can assure you that rumours of my life being wildly exciting are very much exaggerated...