Saturday, December 09, 2006

Safe from the guards of intellect and reason?

This is the longest period without an entry since I started this humble blog some fourteen months ago. Don't think that I haven't thought about posting something but, if truth be told, I've felt rather uninspired. I've also been very busy, which given the prolific nature of some of my fellow Lib Dem bloggers, makes me feel vaguely guilty. But enough of that, what have I been up to?

Mostly paperwork, if truth be told. Having attended all of these meetings in recent weeks, there are reports to write, people to contact and all of the normal stuff of political bureaucracy. Some of it is astonishingly dull and, if your mind is prone to wandering like mine is, it is far too easy to drift off towards something more interesting.

I've also continued my occasional efforts on behalf of St Jude, as I attended a disciplinary meeting on behalf of a colleague. Having spent as much time as I have this year dealing with my lawyers (frightfully nice people) and my ex-wife's lawyers (probably Daily Mail readers), I suppose that the cut and thrust of cross-examination comes rather easier. The witnesses were, I am sure, quite sincere in their views, and the panel were courteous and incisive, and whilst the result might not have been perfect, I at least felt that a proper hearing of the case was achieved.

The problem with principles is that they tend to get in the way of good politics. This particular instance will probably have caused some friction in my relationships with political colleagues, some of whom I hold the utmost respect for, and it would almost certainly have been easier to quietly step back from the fray. Unfortunately, I insist on behaving like a gentleman and honouring my commitments. I'm clearly never going to get very far in politics with an attitude like that but, fortunately, there isn't much further that I could get anyway, given the other self-imposed limitations.

I've also been working on the European selections. In response to some of the criticisms of the English Candidates Committee, I've been working with its Chair, Dawn Davidson, who is a joy to work with, to improve our communication with stakeholders. We have a responsibility to three elements, candidates, members and the wider Party, and it is often too easy to focus on what must be done and forget that we have a responsibility towards openness and transparency. Given the incredible volume of work done by Regional Candidates Officers and Dawn herself, it is entirely understandable though, and I hope that, with my efforts, I can contribute in some small way in the coming year.


Rob said...

You acted with integrity and honesty - well done.

The increased communication from the London region is notable. Particularly good use of internet channels - again, well done!

spike said...

just seen the picture of you on your profile - who is the chap with the beard holding you?