Saturday, April 08, 2006

Meanwhile, back on the campaign trail...

I'm hosting the campaign HQ here in East Dulwich which means, and I have mixed feelings about this, that I'm obliged to stay at home whilst we're open. So, what to do?

Ironically, the solution I've found is to tidy the house, which is beginning to have an impact. The kitchen looks like you might be able to prepare food without the risk of getting food poisoning (alright, I exaggerate how bad it was somewhat, but you know where I'm coming from), and even the living room looks vaguely acceptable.

When the campaign day comes to an end, I am able to get out and deliver my rounds. It was nice to get out in the sunshine and meet a few voters, most of whom were at least friendly and some of whom were very supportive. I even found time to do some vital food shopping (cats have to eat, you know!).

Meantime, it would appear that the mystery of the missing Green candidates has been solved. Apparently, there was some sort of cock-up with their nominations. Whilst I regret that they haven't been able to take part - they were a pleasure to work alongside at the General Election count (Kim Humphries take note...) - it does take some of the complications out of our campaign. At least, from the perspective of Green voters, our team of candidates are genuinely committed to environmental issues, and have a track record of achievement, especially Richard Thomas.

More developments as they occur...


Thorburn Sq said...

You obviously need more envelopes to stuff. A tidy house is a sign of too much time on your hands :-)

Anonymous said...

Out of interest, the cock-up was at the door of Frances Biggs and her assistant David Maples, who incorrectly advised the Green candidate on the way to add signatures to a form which contained some invalid signatures.

It's not the Greens posting, btw, but an independent party for local shops whose candidates were disqualified after having received the same, misleading, advice from David.

Cheers Frances - she confessed there was nothing to stop her admitting these candidates in practical terms after the deadline, and her decision could not have been questioned.

Still, great news for the BNP and other extremist parties, who would have attracted the votes of all unwilling to vote for a major party.