Sunday, July 01, 2012

European Selection Diary: Day 1 - what do you mean, I'm in charge?

You know how it is sometimes, when in a moment of weakness, you say, "Oh yes, I'll serve on that committee, it shouldn't take up much of time.", only to discover that there's rather more to it than meets the eye. Well, for me, it's the European Selection Committee for the East of England.

Last month, it was noted at a meeting of the Suffolk County Co-ordinating Committee that we were supposed to nominate someone to serve on the Selection Committee, and that we hadn't had a volunteer. Noting my experience in this particular field, I let my name go forward and was promptly proposed. And then it went fairly quiet. Our Returning Officer had asked for some information about us all, some of which I was a bit bemused by, but no matter, and I assumed that all was under control. Until this afternoon, that is.

I was minding my own business at a Stowmarket Branch lunch - very nice roast lunch, with a cheeseboard, no less - when my pocket buzzed rather persistently. Yes, I know, I should have left it alone, but... I reached for my BlackBerry to find a message from our Regional Candidates Chair, Kate Sayer. It appeared that, due to a degree of confusion between various parties, the application pack for the European selection had not been prepared which, given that the advertisement will be published on Friday, presented us with a slight problem.

As the Selection Committee hasn't met, there is a degree of urgency, and it was suggested that I become Chair of the Selection Committee and, thus, responsible for dealing with the problem. Luckily, deep in the bowels of my home computer is an entire application pack for the 2007 South East England European selection (I was their Returning Officer), so the task was suddenly that little bit easier.

So, I have accepted the appointment and, unless anyone disagrees, I'd better get on with it...

Wish me luck!


Stephen Glenn said...

Ah the live of a retired bureaucrat lol

Anonymous said...

You are also probably wasting your time as this Region is one of those likely to have no LD MEPs after the 2014 elections.

Mark Valladares said...


It's still nearly two years to polling day, and a lot can happen in that time. Two years ago, you wouldn't have been able to make that claim with any confidence at all, and now it seems like a rather better bet. I wouldn't be quite so dismissive if I were you.