Tuesday, July 03, 2012

A Conservative initiative I'm sure we can all support...

Catching up with the Sunday papers last weekend, Ros brought my attention to a story of immense personal interest, although of little to most readers.

In a 10-minute Rule Bill today, Oliver Colvile, the MP for Plymouth Sutton & Devonport, will present the Honours (Equality of Titles for Partners) Bill, which calls for "husbands and civil partners of those receiving honours to be allowed to use equivalent honorary titles to those available to women".

Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr. Colvile said "The current system is uneven and rather outdated.

"If you are made a peer or a knight, your wife automatically gets the title lady, but if you are gay or are a woman and become a dame your partner gets nothing.

"I just think it's an anomaly which needs to be put right.

"In a lot of marriages the other half ends up playing a very significant role in their career. I think we have got to make sure it's recognised in the same way for men and women, and in civil partnerships.

"It's important that there's equality in this things and I think this is something which needs to be sorted out."

Now, I have to admit to having mixed feelings about this. On one hand, a title really isn't obviously me, after all, I can hardly use it at work. On the other though, it does seem rather unfair that a wife gets a title, whereas a husband or civil partner doesn't.

It does appear that the Government are taking this seriously though, and I presume that it falls within the responsibilities of Lynne Featherstone, so I await events with interest...


Jennie said...

YOu do know I'm still going to call you Lady Mark, right?

Mark Valladares said...


Heavens, yes. I wouldn't expect, or want, anything different. I quite fancy being a Count, or a Marquis. That would be nice. Baron would be good too...