Friday, September 16, 2011

Total Politics list: bureaucrat in triplicate!

My attention has been drawn to today's publication of the Total Politics 'Top 100 Lib Dem Blogs 2011', so I had a look, and discovered that 'Liberal Bureaucracy' is 42nd this year, down nine places. Not bad for someone whose blogging mojo has been a bit lacking of late.

I was curious to see who else was in, so scanned the list further, only to discover that 'The View from Creeting St Peter' is 49th. "Hang on a minute,", I thought, "that's me too!" So I added a comment to the post, noting this. 
And then I wondered, is there anyone else who has had their votes split? So I had a look and, at 94th, who do I find but 'Mark Valladares'. That would be me, I think.

So, you are reading the 42nd, 49th and 94th best Liberal Democrat bloggers in the country... at the same time, you clever multi-tasker, you.

Watch this space for an update...


Stephen Glenn said...

Two Linda Jacks and Three Mark Valladares no wonder Greater Manchester Police were having problems with accreditation :-)

Caron said...

Mark Cole appears 3 times and Solution Focused Politics appears twice, too.

I'm sure that adding all your votes together would push you up the list a bit:-)